Trying Hard Poetry

At least, trying hard.

Voice Of A Broken Heart

as another teardrop fell from my frozen eyes
as another song moves into the lonely night
there came the most beautiful girl in my thoughts
with her gentle voice, pretty eyes, and cute smile

though this girl is an angel through my darkest days
though it seems she can’t hurt you even once or twice
but just like as they said, looks can be deceiving
‘cause i’ve been hurt like no one ever felt before

whenever i see her i don’t know what i feel
whenever i talk to her my heart throbs in pain
for every word she said is like an arrow
that pierce my heart and broke it into million pieces

you said we could be friends but never be lovers
you don’t want to hurt me but i’m sorry you did
even without a chance i desperately prayed
and in the end, i wish we could be more than friends