Trying Hard Poetry

At least, trying hard.

To Lose A Best Friend

to lose a best friend is a sorrow of the heart
you may never know but it could tear you apart
it is okay if sometimes she can’t talk to you
what really hurts is she completely forgets you

to lose a best friend really hurts deep down inside
it spins your inside like a roller coaster ride
it rumbles your mind until you can think no more
until you can’t take it and collapse on the floor

to lose a best friend just makes your life meaningless
your dreams will be shattered your life will be a mess
your secrets will lay forgotten your trust lost
when the truth is you value your friendship the most

to lose a best friend is to lose someone you love
it hurts so much that you ask Him from up above
why did it had to happen what did you do wrong
but despite all of these life goes on like a song