Trying Hard Poetry

At least, trying hard.


looking up in the sky
wondering how to fly
while thinking of the day
that goes by and by

days will pass
and life, we know, will not last
but even though life is so short
we can be things of all sort

we can’t help but accept changes
in our life and also in our ages
all of us pass stages
we can be in golden houses or rotting cages

nothing can stop us
to remember our past
when we were a crying child
or an adult less wild

all days that pass
bring inspirations on the mass
it inspires us to be like them
it inspires us to be a gem

our life won’t be the same
if a friend wish us to have fame
friends make our life colorful
fun, sad, and beautiful

looking up in the sky
sighing to see birds fly
happy to be alive
but knew death will soon arrive