Trying Hard Poetry

At least, trying hard.


holding a pen and paper
thinking what to do
bringing an inspiration
that i think can help me through

what can i say?
what can i do?
but when i look at you
i don’t feel a single blue

i think i’m falling for you
what is this feelings for you?
because of your kindness times ten
i feel i am in love again

but can you love me?
can you accept the way i was made?
i never had a thought to be heart-broken
so please give me a chance

but i heard you have one now
one that you really love
i hate to think about it
i hate to see you with someone

maybe, i’m really not for you
maybe, i’m no good for you
but because i love you
even it hurts, i will let you

i know i can’t live without you
this is not a joke but it’s true
i hope you will be happy
while i suffer alone in the dark

holding a pen and paper
not knowing what to do
i don’t know my heart will be tear
but i realize i shed a tear