Trying Hard Poetry

At least, trying hard.


he never noticed her at first
she was a simple and shy girl
he sat by the door, observing
as she went by everyday

he started to see someone else
in a once shy and simple girl
the beauty of her, he noticed
but kept mum until the next year

she received with hostility
his lame advances, although pure
she was irritated with him
but he kept going on blindly

later on, she appreciated
everything he did for her
he hoped without real conviction
he felt no chance, he prayed and prayed

although she showed signs of liking
he never knew what to do next
he spent some time doing something
the momentum decreasing fast

it took no time for someone else
to take over and be with her
he did nothing but watched and watched
every unfolding scene hurt

he committed a big mistake
an unforgivable mistake
he threw the towel just like that
and he gave up, the fault was his

he became so distant, after
he tried to forget, he tried to
but he couldn’t help feeling pain
he got what he really deserved

graduation brought them far apart
it was time to grow and mature
distance helped heal a broken heart
preparing them for adventure

they saw little of each other
in the two years that passed them by
his love gradually rekindled
would it be right this time around

they decided to be just friends
he was sincere and so was she
a different kind of friendship
he never experienced before

but he knew this would never last
he was guilty of hiding love
this love would soon reverberate
consequences unknown, deceit